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Be with the Word -Episode 86 The Self as Mediator

Dr. Gerry explores the readings for the Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time and the idea of the "Self" as mediator. God the Father wants to restore the vulnerable.and broken to a state of joy and fulfillment. Christ is the ultimate high priest who mediates God's work to mankind. By virtue of our baptism and calling we are also called to be a mediator and make a positive difference in the world by taking actions and exercising our gifts. The human "Self" has the unique ability to transform the world by mediating God's grace and work.

Episode 85 - Healing Our Sexual Brokenness

In this special episode taken from a recent Catholic Journeymen web meeting, Dr. Gerry discusses types of sexual brokenness and how they are rooted in attachment wounds. He provides an activity to re-align our imagination to the truths of our faith that we are to be a gift of self in mutually giving relationships.

Episode 84 - Breaking free of Power Struggles to find Joy

Dr. Gerry explores the themes of suffering and joy in the readings of the 26th-29th Sundays in ordinary time. We must develop 'wisdom of the heart' in order to break free of attachments. Dr. Gerry discusses how our fantasies involve power struggles which despite distortion reveal our true needs. It is in caring for others that leads to joy and gladness. It is in meeting the deeper need that we can break the power struggle inherent in our fantasies. Dr. Gerry walks us through accepting what we really need: goodness, consolation, comfort and connection.

Episode 82 - Resolving Inner Conflicts by Understanding our "Wicked" Parts

We all have inner conflicts as we have parts that are polarized. In the readings Isaiah speaks about the blind seeing, the deaf hearing and the mute singing The psalm speaks of the wicked compared to the fatherless and the widows. St. James tells us not to show partiality for the rich over the poor. And Jesus heals a mute person. How can we break the inner conflicts inside of ourselves? Dr. Gerry describes his own personal journey of recognizing that his "bad boy" part was really hurt and sad, but was in conflict with a strong righteous protector part. Dr. Gerry then shares his experience of bringing this hurting part to communion.

Episode 81 Where do Evil Thoughts Come from?

Dr. Gerry is back! And this week he discusses the readings from the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time and the dynamic between following God's commandments and the heart. Jesus says that evil thoughts come from the heart. But he also says that the word of truth is planted in the heart. This leads Dr. Gerry into a discussion of the "self" and the "heart/nous" and then to a discussion of "parts" (influenced by Dr. Peter's favorite type of therapy, Internal Family Systems). Dr. Gerry then provides a 30 minute clip from his introduction to "parts work" taken from his recent Catholic Journeymen web meeting. Lots to learn this week!

Be With the Word Episode 80: Finding True Peace Through Humility, Gentleness, and Patience

Dr. Gerry focuses on St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians as he contrasts the biblical message with secular individualism and a great deal of modern psychology's focus on self actualization. Instead we learn that true peace comes through cultivating the virtues of humility, gentleness and patience, and in the end love.

Be With the Word Episode 79 - Finding True Peace

Dr. Gerry explores the Sunday readings (16th Sunday of Ordinary Time) and discusses how to find deeper levels of inner peace by confronting enmity. Dr. Gerry discusses the way Christ makes Jews and Gentiles into a "new person" and how we can confront our own "shadow" and insecure parts.

Episode 78 - Role of Faith in Healing Depression

Dr. Gerry discusses depression and negative cognitions (lies) that we tell ourselves. Dr. Gerry compares depression to the sin of acedia which is a resistance to the demands of love, and a burden. Like the woman who touched Jesus' cloak, or Jairus, we can heal from this affliction through faith and courage. Dr. Gerry also brings in the important words from the Book of Wisdom and Psalm 30 to understand our true identity and receive God's help and healing.

Unity of Body and Soul - New Creation!

Dr. Gerry hosts Be with the Word from a dorm at Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio). He explores how God is transcendent and calms the seas in our own souls. Dr. Gerry shares some of the things he's learned from Philosophy professors at Franciscan. Dr. Gerry applies the Catholic teaching that the rational soul is the form of the body to the teaching of St. Paul that we have a new identity as new creations in Christ. As a new creation we want our soul that knows and trusts in God to be in alignment with our bodies which sometimes is triggered by fear. Dr. Gerry explores how the Fall and reinforced by trauma creates a disconnect between body and soul. New therapies that are somatic (body-based) align better with Catholic philosophy.

Episode 76: Does God want to punish us and cause suffering? A family therapist perspective

Dr. Gerry celebrates the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ as he links the Sunday readings and the story of sacrifice in Exodus and Christ's sacrifice to developmental psychology. Dr. Gerry also explores what it means to be a 'good' parent and what it means to allow the truths of the faith to truly register in our hearts (not just our cognitions).

Be with the Word Episode 75 Pentecost Sunday- Judging versus Perceiving

Dr. Crete continues to explore personality as he discusses the Myers-Briggs personality indicator and the Greek Temperaments. He zooms in on the difference between Judging (J) and Perceiving (P) and how this difference can cause conflict in marriage. Dr. Gerry brings in the Sunday readings and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including generosity, self control and patience, can help as couples learn to accept themselves and each other for their differences.

Be with the Word Episode 74 - What does it mean to be an Introvert?

Dr. Gerry begins a new mini-series "From Ascension to Assumption" where he explores getting to know oneself. Every week he will look at personality tests and models and how to understand our true selves. This week, the 7th Sunday of Easter and the Ascension, Dr. Crete explores the difference between Introversion and Extroversion based on the Myers-Briggs index. He also explores God's call to love one another in order to remain in Him. Dr. Gerry applies St. Paul's words about receiving a Spirit of wisdom and having the eyes of your hearts enlightened to everyday life. Dr. Gerry also discusses the virtue of humility and how this connects with the true self.

Love Versus Codependency and People Pleasing

Dr. Gerry explores the difference between love as described in the readings for the 6th Sunday of Easter and Codependency. Gerry explains how true love is connected to self-giving when it is an expression of one's identity. Codependency involves people-pleasing and needing to be affirmed by others in order to find an identity.

The Key to Stopping Scrupulosity - Episode 73 - 3rd Sunday of Easter

Dr. Gerry reflects on the readings for the Third Sunday of Easter and walks you through a path for stopping scrupulosity and obsessive thinking. He draws on the interplay between the amygdala and the medial prefrontal cortex as we move from fear and shame to awareness, repentance, and receiving comfort from our great Advocate.

Overcoming Shame Despite Loss and Suffering - Palm Sunday - Episode 71

Dr. Gerry discusses the biblical path to overcoming dissociation, surviving suffering, and not being overwhelmed by shame. We are called to name and express emotion and recall our true identity.

Learning From Suffering - 5th Sun of Lent Episode 70

Dr. Gerry reflects on the Sunday Readings (Fifth Sunday of Lent) and discusses how God establishes secure attachment with us (in Jeremiah) and then asks us to die to self. Dr. Gerry discusses what it means to learn from suffering and how service allows us to love.

Why We Do Wicked Things - 4th Sun of Lent - Episode 69

Dr. Gerry continues his Lenten discussion about the psychological concept of dissociation as he discusses traumatic re-enactments. The readings for the fourth Sunday of Lent help us to find the true way to break free from old patterns and sins we keep repeating.

Abraham and the Parasympathetic Nervous System - 2nd Sun of Lent - Episode 67

A mouthful, eh? Dr. Gerry continues his Lenten series on dissociation and discusses the parasympathetic nervous system which is how we experience safety. Dr. Gerry discusses the Abraham and Isaac sacrifice story and explains how God wants a new covenant based on safety, trust, and connection. God also reverses the ancient notions of life and death through Christ whose true nature is revealed to three apostles at the Transfiguration.

Lent, Life and Death, and Dissociation - 1st Sun of Lent - Episode 66

Dr. Gerry discusses the Sunday readings and begins a short Lenten series on dissociation. Dr. Gerry discusses mild forms of dissociation and more series forms (disorders) and connects this to the Hebrew understanding of life and death. Jesus turns this on its head and baffles the wise by showing us that it is through death that we can find life. Similarly we must meet our disconnected parts and meet their needs in the present in order to find new life and psychological health.

Loving People We Disagree With - 3rd Sun in Ord Time - Be With the Word - Episode 62

Dr. Gerry focuses on the book of Jonah and the call to love and reach out to people with whom we dislike or disagree. God has a message here despite our political, social, and religious views that he wants repentance and goodness for all.

Radical Way to Approach Recovery - 2nd Sun in Ord Time - Episode 61

Dr. Gerry discusses the Sunday Readings and how to improve recovery from addictions or problematic behaviors by approaching ourselves differently.

How To Break Through Relationship Conflicts - The Baptism of the Lord - Episode 60

Dr. Crete provides a strategy based on Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to break through relationship conflicts and unhealthy patterns.

The Epiphany of the Lord - Episode 59

As Dr. Gerry explores the character of Herod, he discusses how our negative behaviors can be adaptive and self-protective. Dr. Gerry ties in the latest Wonder Woman movie (minimal spoilers) as well as the Eastern Catholic concept of epiphany and “theoria” as he discusses how to challenge our own motivations and adapt in new ways through union with and worship of God.

Fatherhood: What It Means To Be A Good Man And A Good Father

Dr. Gerry discusses what it is to be a good father. How is fathering different from mothering?

Surviving the Holiday Blues - 3rd Sunday of Advent - Episode 56

Dr. Gerry discusses the Sunday readings from a psychological and family-oriented perspective. Although the holidays are meant to be a joyful time, many people struggle with higher levels of depression, grief, loneliness, and stress. Some people also experience seasonal affective disorder – and all this and a global pandemic as well! Dr. Gerry integrates the best advice from the mental health community with the wisdom of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

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